Home Information Packs (HIP) Essex


HIP Packs are now a requirement... make life easy for yourself and order your HIP here!


It is now a legal requirement to commission a Home Information Pack (HIP) before putting your property up for sale.


The HIP must include the following:
• Energy Performance Certificate (EPC´s)
• Home Information Pack index
• Sale statement
• Evidence of title (deeds or Land Registry search)
• Local drainage-&-water searches
• Additional information for leasehold and common-hold sales
(where appropriate)


The HIP can optionally include the following:
• Home Condition Report
• Home use/contents forms
• Legal summary
• Other searches

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC´s)


The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a mandatory document and is an evaluation of the energy efficiency of the house, carried out by Home Inspectors and Domestic Energy Assessors. The EPC can only be provided by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor or Home Inspector, we can provide this as part of the HIP we supply.


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